About Wendy Battino


Hello, I am Wendy and I am happy you are here.

I coach fun, smart people who want more fantastic in their lives.

I know your power, do you?

I am a Life Coach.
Specifically, a MIND BODY SOUL Coach.

I coach, write, teach, facilitate connection and speak at events.

I want to support you in finding what you want and getting it.

I have a talent for seeing the genius in everyone, then helping them see their own genius, and then serving them as they act on said genius.

I am not afraid of your problems

I have been through some muck in my life. When I was young, I lost a best friend in a car accident – a car I was driving. Later, I allowed toxic people into my life. I have used food to protect myself. When I released what no longer served me (like narcissists and unproductive thought patterns) I let go of 60 pounds. I have changed careers a few times, following my soul and seeking joy. Sometimes I find myself being a hot mess. The thing is, I still love myself and use these times as mindful messages. I know how to quickly get back on track to living the life I want.

Being Connected

Wendy - DressMy muck helped me gain my Adventure. I am here to say that following my inner compass THROUGH my problems (not AROUND them) really works!  It takes me straight to my personal brand of joyful every time.
Ya gotta live your own unique and precious life, and no one else’s. When you do, you are connected.

I cherish immersion in silent and powerful nature. And I appreciate a night on the town in New York City or Rome. So, I created a life where I get to travel and converse with people around the world on a regular basis and then come home to my cabin in the woods.
That’s my dream.  What do you dream of making your life?

I am solar-powered.

PetroglyphMy log home, built in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness with my husband, is run entirely by the sun.  My husband and our dogs and cats are precious to me. An outdoor adventurer, I know the powerful medicine that is the natural world. I love bears and wolves and engaging in the mysteries of life. My coaching taps into this power. I use the sun’s brilliance on YOU.  I want to authentically coach you and help radically change your life.

As an Archaeologist, my fascination with humans and why we are here led me to Alaska where I investigated the tracks of past peoples and learned native ways of knowing.

As a Teacher, Principal and Administrator, beginning in a one-room school house in “bush Alaska”, I worked with students and later, systems to create their futures.

As an Executive Director, I co-founded the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition with my fabulous husband and work with inspiring world-changers. We support education systems focused on Personalized Mastery and engaging students so they take ownership of their learning. Interested in school reform? Check us out.

Martha and MeAs a Coach, I continue my passion for people. I have trained with some serious adventurers including the amazing Dr. Martha Beck.

I am a BARE Certified health and weightloss coach, personally trained by the incomparable, Susan Hyatt.

I am an Intuitive.  I graduated as an Endorsed Intuitive Energy Reader of the Intuitive Arts Studio Intuitive.  Beverly Belling is my mentor.

I am passionate about coaching individuals and organizations to improve. I have a lot of experience in change process and strategic planning to get what you want, whether that is to change a system, or your job, or your life.

You do not need fixing. Breathe. You are perfect right now.

Feel good. Learn why this is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.
If you want far-reaching results for your life and business, then let’s talk!

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