Signed Luzy Lessons Book Limited Offer

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Paw-signed copies!

Many of you wonderful beings have been asking for a Luzy signature in your Luzy Lessons book. Thank you for motivating us!  Luzy and I collaborated on our PawSignature; we played with blueberries, raspberries, washable inks, and made a mess EVERYWHERE.  Luzy kept placing her paw in mine which inspired this real-life print.  I am thankful to have this reminder of the friendship I share with my wondrously wise sister.  I am going to stamp it on our wall!  As well as in your book 🙂  


Get your Paw-signed Luzy Lessons Now


The cost for 1 book is $15.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling anywhere in the U.S.

For 2 books the shipping remains $5.00, for 3 books the cost of shipping is $7.00.

Your signed copy will be delivered USPS First Class Mail.

You can also get a copy of Luzy Lessons on Amazon for the same $15.95 each, though your shipping may be free, just without the signature.

THANK YOU for your incredible support my friend!

Would you like us to sign a customized message for yourself or a friend?  

We can add something like, “AWOOOoooooo! Hey there Martha, YOU Are Awesome”, or whatever you like!  Simply email your customized message to me here and I will sign it into your book.  
















  1. Grete
    August 31, 2017

    I ordered one through Amazon, and promptly gave to my niece. Now, I would like to purchase 2 copies signed by you and Luzy!

    • Grete❤️
      August 31, 2017


    • Wendy Battino
      September 1, 2017

      How wonderful! Thank you Grete for all your support. I would love to deliver your copies in person 🙂 I will message you.


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