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Thank you to all of you who enjoy Luzy and her Lessons and have asked for more!

I put together this book for you who have connected to the magic of animals.  It is a collection of stories, Luzy Lessons and a few tools for connecting to your wisdom, like Luzy does.  I know you have stories of your own about your fabulous friends, and I would love to hear them.  You know the brilliance of your own animal friends and together we can celebrate this sacred knowing.

Luzy is my Alaskan husky sled dog soul sister who bewitched me into taking her home and she still has me wrapped around her paw.  She has these warm glacier eyes that look into you and learn how to bend you to her will.  She is a jedi. She is also an Alaskan Husky sled dog, who is now my skijor partner.  Skijoring is skiing with a harness connecting you to your dog or dogs and it is a BLAST.  We do expedition skijoring and explore far into the wilderness.  Luzy can pull a 70 pound sled 30 miles all by herself in one day and not get tired.  She is my personal comedian, wise woman, and mischievous crazy guru.  Like any good friend, she is constantly teaching me.


Would you like to meet Luzy?

Here she is doing one of her favorite things, running!


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Advanced praise for LUZY LESSONS Learnings From a Wild Alaskan Sled Dog:

“This is a book about a husky.
This is also a book about soul sisters.

Wendy is dynamic and kind. She is a teacher, in the truest and most compassionate sense of the word. At heart I think she may be as wild as her Luzy — she walks with bears; sleeps in their nests. She snowshoes across mountain ranges; skis through the heart of Alaska’s wildest areas. She is strong, intuitive, and I am constantly struck by the lessons she interprets from the natural world and from her animals — Luzy in particular.

This book is a reflection of that wonderful, complex, loving relationship. It is full of wisdom about self love, appreciating nature, being present and authentic — lessons Wendy has divined from her time with life/self/nature-loving Luzy.

My advice — take them to heart !”

Lisbet Skogen Norris
3-time Iditarod Finisher
Owner/Guide at Arctic Dog Adventure Co. Fairbanks, Alaska

“Luzy is the real deal. I feel so lucky to know her, to have explored snowy mountains with her bounding ahead and blending into the landscape, and to have been the recipient of her mesmerizing blue-eyed gaze. I’ve ridden in cars in the back seat with my arm around her soft neck while she squeezes onto my lap, and I’ve curled up on rugs by cozy wood stoves with her. Her spirit is playful, open and pure magic. And her ears are the softest most gloriously furry ears I’ve ever felt. Keep sharing your wild spirit, Luzy, and thank you to my dear friend Wendy for bringing Luzy’s lessons to the world!”

Carla Robertson

Living Wild and Precious Coaching

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And a Luzy Lesson for you…




  1. Leigh Medeiros
    July 21, 2017

    This looks fabulous, Wendy! Big congrats to you and Luzy! I’ve enjoyed connecting with the two of you on Facebook and being witness to all of your adventures. You are both such wonderful spirits. Looking forward to ordering a copy ASAP!

    • Wendy Battino
      July 21, 2017

      Thank you Leigh! I so appreciate your support. Here is to grand plans and the adventures that ensue.
      Luzy & I are wagging tails about you, AWOOOoooooo!

  2. Jeanne ickes
    July 27, 2017

    Just bought my copy of Lucy Lessons in down town Seward! Absolutely made me smile!! Sending one off to my sister in Michigan!

    Jeanne Ickes

    • Wendy Battino
      July 28, 2017

      Jeanne, How happy this makes me! Rick and I are in Seward too, and I must have JUST dropped the books off 🙂
      I am keeping an eye out for you. Thank you and much love!


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