My Interview with Sunny in Seattle

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Luzy in deep listening to Sunny Joy McMillan, you will want to listen too!


Interested in tips for manifesting what you want?

I was recently honored to be interviewed on the live radio show, Sunny in Seattle, by Sunny Joy McMillan.  Sunny is a recovering attorney, a practicing Martha Beck Master Life Coach, and a radio host who created her weekly show to help you connect with who you really are.  Each week her show brings you coaches, authors, and healers to teach the latest helpful and inspiring messages and connect you to your very best life!

Sunny’s mission is to connect people with who they really are so they may lead lives filled with peace, joy, love, freedom and enlightenment.  She does this through her radio show and her coaching practice.

Sunny asks me how I have been able to manifest this life I love; roaming the land, talking to animals, homesteads, and beach houses – and I share some of my tips for manifesting.  She really got me thinking about how grateful I am for this life and that is another tip – be grateful!

Sunny and I chat about my Alaska adventures, how to tap into your own awesome and pursue your dreams, and there may be some mention of naked skijoring with wolverines – wait, what?  🙂 .

I think you will enjoy this!

Want to listen to the full interview? Click here 6/14/17.

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