Do you hear that voice whispering to you?

One that says, “There is more, I am more”…

2019 Alaska Winter Adventure Retreat


Harness Your True Power

If you hear the call, I want to welcome you to my home…in Talkeetna, Alaska.
Share a unique opportunity to experience deep oneness with nature.

Are you ready to explore the edges of your personal frontier?

Join me and get behind a team of dogs,
snowshoe through the silent winter,
experience the beauty of huskies,
and feel the invitation to ultimate freedom.

Find Your Frontier

You know you need to experience the real Alaska. Now is the time.

Have you dreamed of experiencing the real Alaska?

Alaska in winter is as real as it gets, and in March the light is returning and the magic is palpable.

Come with me for a transformational experience that will light your life.

Join Me! Wendy Battino

WendyI will teach you to connect with the peace that is calling you home.  I am a Life Coach, BARE Health and Wellness Coach, and an Intuitive and I want to show you around my Alaska.  An outdoor adventurer, I have experienced powerful medicine in the natural world and gained strength and leadership over my life.  I use nature to help people remember their full brilliance and then to SHINE.  I dreamed up this retreat in order to show you how you can tap into your inner strength at any time and track where your best life wants to take you.  We will do this with playful dogs, crazy-gorgeous scenery, and you in your glory running a team of dogs with the biggest smile on your face.



img_3509 p3290024Luzy wants to meet you!  She is my soul sister, personal comedienne, wise woman, and mischievous crazy guru.  She is an Alaskan sled dog and my expedition partner.  Luzy teaches us how to communicate wordlessly with animals and will gently instruct you on the finer points of dog power.  She knows you want to join in this epic adventure.  You can check out her wisdom at #Luzylessons on my Facebook and Instagram pages.




Anja Fein Radano 

Anja is a dog musher, Veterinary Technician, and owner of SwampDog Kennels who has lived in Alaska for many years.  Anja and her team of 20+ happy Alaskan sled dogs will provide you an arena to tap into wild energy.  She will show you how mushing works and get you on the sled!  We will practice around her gorgeous lake front home.  Luzy came to me from Anja and you will get to learn from her considerable expertise.    Plus, Anja is running the Iditarod this year, Look for Anja on Facebook!

Way Cool Stuff We Will Do

✓ Learn to mush a team of dogs!

✓ Explore by snowshoe a winter wonderland 

✓ Personal coaching sessions

✓ Group sessions

✓  Sip Prosecco in Luxury  at our private Lodge

✓ Call in the northern lights

✓ Communicate wordlessly with animals

✓ See Spectacular, magical scenery


Wendy, Luzy and Otis on the Denali River Bar

You will leave Find Your Frontier with…

★ New power to move forward to create an even more amazing life

★ A stronger tie to the land and how to use it to chart your life.

★ The ability to brag to all your friends that you came to Alaska in the winter
(I mean nobody comes to Alaska in the winter, are you nuts?)

★ Are you are a lucky Alaskan?  You will  leave with bragging rights about your skills as a musher and so much more!

2019 Alaska Winter Adventure Retreat


Limited Group Size



*Including adventures, coaching, gorgeous lodging and meals.



Retreat Lodging


Denali Overlook

The Denali Overlook Inn is simply scrumptious!  This is the ultimate place for our deep dive into peace and power in a wilderness setting.

Situated on the tip of a spectacular bluff which provides unobstructed views of Denali (20,310′), Mt. Foraker (17,400), & Mt. Hunter (14,573). It sits high above the Birch Creek wetlands, offering panoramic views of the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains.

This spectacular lodge is all ours for the retreat.  We will meet in the stunning Great Room which spans 52 feet across and  inspired by the views we can map out our activities and your best life.  Plenty of opportunity to spy the northern lights as well as wildlife (see the moose below!)


The Great Room

You will rest from the days exhilarations in your gorgeous private bedroom with private bath.  Each room offers a different scenic view of mountains and has its own special qualities.


Denali View Suite


Moose! This photo was taken in the front yard of your Lodge!

Talkeetna, Alaska
Where the road ends and adventure begins

I cannot wait to show you Alaska.  Your home and base of operations for your adventure is a historic town overlooking the confluence of three major rivers and 2 major Mountain ranges. Talkeetna is the headquarters for climbers making their way to climb Denali (Mt. McKinley), North America’s tallest peak, and a mecca for a variety of adventurers the world over. Denali and the other peaks of the Alaska Range offer a magnificent backdrop for this picturesque town of 800+ people, located about two and a half hours north of Anchorage and accessible by road & rail.

I live here because of the natural beauty and because of the people.  Our friendly town is home to adventurous souls, people who build planes, boats, paddles, houses, children, music, plays, dog teams, community centers, fix things, create, shape and beautify the world.

I want you to come here and share this spirit to make your own of the beautiful life you have.



Mapping your Alaskan Adventure

Day 1  Welcome to Alaska Dinner!  We’ll pop the Prosecco and begin your adventure at the lodge.

Day 2 Adventure day!  Explore the wilderness on snowshoes.

Day 3  You will meet your gurus, the dogs – it’ll be a husky loveliest! Learn mushing basics.

Day 4 Time to mush!

Day 5 Venture up the Talkeetna River and Celebration Dinner

Day 6 Breakfast and goodbyes.

Anja and her Team!

Anja and her Team!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!



So Much Love



Wendy with Luzy and Chewy in Tanana Country