My wonderful clients say this:

Wendy’s title for her workshop “Finding your inner smile” hooked me immediately. I often have that feeling of smiling on the outside while being somehow agitated or disquieted on the inside. Discussions of being mindful about all aspects of our day resonated with me and left me with tools to assess what Wendy calls ‘my inner compass.” The full day workshop left me feeling calm, centered, and joyous. Best of all, I now am practicing those focusing techniques on my own. At the end of the session, I promised myself to listen to my body much more and to observe more mindful reflection. I am looking forward to more sessions. I feel like I have just begun to learn.
Sondra Porter

Wendy has an open-hearted way of being in the world. I find it uplifting to be around Wendy even when we are Skyping or Gogo-ing inflight together…I always feel more open in her presence, and I am more willing to ‘look’ at myself with her. I never feel judged or confined. I am excited, curious and willing to examine my life after talking to Wendy.  Her positive approaches to relationships, activities, and ideas are infectious. Wendy’s coaching style is a benefit to anyone and if you have the opportunity to work with Wendy, seize it!

Jane S. Pryne, Ed.D.

Wendy helped me to re-discover the importance of opening my heart. I chose to live an intentional life that involves acceptance and attention, wherever I am, to the energy around me. In my effort to find stillness, and bring a calm, quiet to my mind, her gentle exercises reminded me that I must first release my heart.

Karon Jahn

Such an honor to be part of one of the first small groups that Wendy worked with as a coach! She has a keen ability to listen to the needs of multiple individuals, and still create coaching sessions that made me feel it was meant just for me.

I worked with Wendy at a time when, due to many stressful circumstances, I was having difficulty gaining appropriate perspective to navigate my way to clarity. Through our group and individual sessions, Wendy helped me integrate tools that led me, ultimately to being able to let go of that which was not serving me, not resisting the areas/tasks that couldn’t be changed, and embracing what was important.

It was a crazy time in my life, and I got to the point where just knowing I had a plan to meet with Wendy would calm me. As I celebrated getting to the other side of challenge, I was sad to end my sessions with Wendy, but knew she had given me the ability to “channel” her through the resources she provided.

Wendy is a gift, and I can’t thank her enough for her wisdom, patience, kindness, knowledge and warmth! I highly recommend her services to anyone that could use even just a bit of assistance in adjusting their own thought patterns or actions, for greater possibilities, more balanced flow, or a more consistent peace of mind!
Lacey Ruskin

Working with Wendy as a life coach is a transformational and delightful experience. She brings a unique blend of smarts and soul, laser insight and warmth that makes her coaching both effective and deeply affirming. I recommend her.
Katie Bagby, Coach

Wendy is a natural born leader; she listens or facilitates a discussion with empathy and professionalism. Her knowledge of ancient wisdom and modern life skills is shared with ease and Grace. She overflows with love and joy as she coaches others in the journey of understanding oneself and how to get along with others. I believe she is making a positive difference one heart or school at a time.
Kat Strandlie, Medical Qigong Therapist, Tai Chi Qigong Instructor, International Iditarod Race Finisher

What My BARE People Say

I feel so grateful to the universe for aligning this up for me ! Wendy is a friendly, inspiring and skilled coach. She has great experience to share and easily picks up on what you as a client need from her during that session to make an impact. I had great results working with Wendy and look forward to staying in touch. The coaching I received from Wendy will be something I cherish forever.   Amanda Elizabeth

Wendy is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable.  She is consistently present for you and offers not only her support and guidance, but shares her own life experiences, struggles and solutions which I found to be very helpful.  She is a unique, talented and multi-faceted healer and I feel grateful, blessed and changed forever for knowing her and having worked with her.  Christine Shanley – Los Angeles

My favorite part of your coaching with me was having you as a coach. You have wonderful, positive and uplifting energy. Your adventurous spirit and skills come out in your coaching sessions. Also, coming up in the first session with my underlying excuse for not trying harder with my health.

I’m able to read my body better. My intuition has been heightened here.  I am managing stress better. More times of calm and happiness throughout my day.   I realized some important things about my lifestyle and always being in fight or flight.   I am improving my eating habits a ton and it doesn’t suck.  I met an amazing and inspiring woman and coach in Wendy.

Having dedicated time with you each week to talk and be listened to and really heard was my favorite part of BARE.  I guess I feel more accepting and loving toward myself and my body.  I understand I am not alone in this journey and that many smart, amazing women fight this same battle.  I feel connected to something bigger and wiser than me and that gives me strength and support.

Energy Reading Testimonials

I have had two intuitive readings with Wendy Battino and I still carry them with me, months later. They have been incredibly life giving and life supporting, especially in challenging times. Gentle and powerful. Respectful and loving. And shiny. If your heart says, “yes!” you should listen.  Katie Bagby


I had the lucky chance of receiving an energy reading with Wendy. I went in having no idea what to expect. I have had energy readings and healing before but could sense this might be a little different and it was. Wendy is very skilled in her work here. You can tell this is a unique gift that she shares with the world. I was able to receive clarity and confirmation through this experience and highly recommend one of Wendy’s Energy Reading sessions if you feel like you need some guidance or wisdom from another source.                                                                              Thanks for everything Wendy I soooooo appreciate you !   Amanda Elizabeth 


Thank you for today’s readings.  It was so spot on-even the letting go that keeps coming up for me, and knowing it is going to be ok…intellectually I know this, and eventually heartwise I will too.  You are GOOD!


Wendy Battino ROCKS!!! I know this is not news to any of you, but I just had to say so.  grin emoticon


I had a very profound session with Wendy the other day. I am still spending time with my notes and sensing into it all. Thank you, Wendy Battino!


Loved my session Wendy!! Thank you so much. Very much what I needed to know now.