Would you like to


  • Get clear on what you want?

  • Handle difficult people?

  • Fix burnout?

  • Discover your purpose?

  • Expand your Leadership Skills?


I can lead you back to your own flawless direction finder so that personally and professionally you can get what YOU want!  And that is always nourishing.

I help men and women create the life they want to live.

You have all the answers. You have your own compass to guide you.

I am passionate about helping you listen to your core in order to live with integrity and peace. I believe in you.

I use nature as a way to help you see and hear what so often you cannot see and hear when you are caught up in your daily life.

YOU will

  • Gain a clear plan of action after every session

  • Understand what you truly want

  • Know that you deserve what you want and how to get it

  • Learn how to listen to your flawless internal guidance system with confidence

  • Connect Mind Body Soul to be at peace

This four-session coaching package is $450.  Phone or in person.
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