Are you feeling lost in your life?

Do you crave something different for yourself, but you are not sure what it is, or how to get it?

I know what it is to feel I am treading the wrong trail and it feels lousy.  You feel out of sorts, not motivated and stuck.  You can also feel a bit lost and overwhelmed.  Literally, like you are out in the wilderness and have lost your way, which is scary.

I can tell you that when I found my own true trail everything improved, my relationships, my professional life, my health.  I plugged into a joy for life and a deep knowing that I deserve joy.  I realized there are tools always on hand for us to get back to our true paths when life gets bumpy, then I knew true peace.

Now, one of the things I truly enjoy is heading out on long expeditions with my dogs where I get to immerse in wild nature and test my skills.  This is my way of being happy and when I do this, magic happens – my happiness brings more happiness to my health and wealth.  This “play” also feeds my work and I would like to teach you what I learn from wild nature.  I will teach you how to connect to our earth (even if you live in the middle of London) so that you always have your own direction-finder for peace in your life.  This is part of the nature-based coaching I can bring you through our sessions, whether we meet in-person or on the phone.

I would like to show you how to step onto your own path and do it with confidence and joy.  I will work with you to get clear about what your Ideal Life would be and then we will map out how you can get there.  I’ll be with you to encourage you with tools and strategies.

Where will we go?

We will travel Your True trail to find what your heart desires, why you desire it and how to get it. Solar-powered Coaching: I will shine the sun’s warm brilliance on you.  I coach you authentically and help you radically change your life in the ways you wish.

How do we get there?

  • We meet via my office, phone or skype for 1on1 Coaching
  • You have the path to your right Adventure inside…
  • Sometimes we just need a little help reading our inner compass.
  • I can show you how, and it will point you directly to your own right life.

YOU will

  • Gain a clear plan of action after every session

  • See what is possible and understand what you truly want

  • Know that you Deserve what you want

  • Learn valuable tools to create what you want in your life

  • Learn how to listen to your flawless internal guidance system with confidence

  • Connect Mind Body Soul to be at peace

 You & Me and six sessions will get you in touch with using your inner compass to faultlessly guide your best steps on your trail. $700.

Ready to Play?

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The free consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to get to know one another to see if we are a good fit. We will discuss your goals and see if we can get some coaching in as well.
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Working with Wendy as a life coach is a transformational and delightful experience. She brings a unique blend of smarts and soul, laser insight and warmth that makes her coaching both effective and deeply affirming. I recommend her.
Katie Bagby, Coach