Your Life is Your Adventure, You get to Live it Your Way


Wendy has an open-hearted way of being in the world. I find it uplifting to be around Wendy even when we are Skyping or Gogo-ing inflight together…I always feel more open in her presence, and I am more willing to ‘look’ at myself with her. I never feel judged or confined. I am excited, curious and willing to examine my life after talking to Wendy.  Her positive approaches to relationships, activities, and ideas are infectious. Wendy’s coaching style is a benefit to anyone and if you have the opportunity to work with Wendy, seize it!          

Jane S. Pryne, Ed.D.

IMG_8982 You and Me are Limitless.  Ready to Venture?




Meet me at my cottage in Talkeetna, Alaska

or we can rendezvous via phone, or skype from anywhere in the world.



Here are all the ways we can play together:

(Or contact me to design a personalized package for you)



An opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. We will have fun discussing your goals and maybe get some coaching in as well.
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Teleclass $599   Workshops $600   Private Coaching $800

Find your peace with a powerful method for weightloss and permanent lovegain.  The BARE Method is about getting connected to your best self so you can live the life you crave.
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Totem Energy Reading


Would you like to open avenues for greater understanding as well as a renewed sense of your true strength?  How about greater access to your own wisdom? There is a universe of energy around you waiting and wanting to support you in living your dreams.  In this 45 minute session I can help you connect to animal totems and guides, and see how the natural world wants to help you.
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Wisdom Walk


I help you in whatever area you need with the support of nature.  Two Session Package includes two 90-minute walks with nature-based coaching. In each 90-minute walk, I help you align to your strengths and connect to nature.

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Discover Your Trail


We meet for 6 weekly sessions to get you clear about your best next steps.
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Nourish Yourself


I help you strengthen your ability in a specific area and build upon your success in 4 sessions.
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Dream Interpretation


We take the fascinating internal journey into the messages from your dreams.  Do you have a recurring dream or a dream that you think, “WOW, this means SOMETHING!” ?
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