Be Wilder

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Do you crave a wilder life more connected with nature?

Are you seeking guidance to practically infuse the magic of nature into your everyday life?

 Would you like to continue to build a village of likeminded souls to support you in the journey?



Learn my favorite awakening tools to walk in alignment with the earth, let go of what does not serve, create more connection to your wild side and your best self, immerse in our gorgeous Alaskan nature.

Two Tuesday Evenings at 5 pm at my cottage in Talkeetna

 – Grounding & Vision – We all know how important it is to ground and to begin our action from a place of stillness, but what does that really look like?  How do we create a daily practice of grounding? How do we use nature to help us ground?  When we envision what we really want, we can begin to create it. The process is powerful, especially when it is coming from our true heart’s desire. Visioning in community increases the strength of our intentions.

 – Alignment & Emergence –  What does it mean to be in alignment?  We will help you join body, mind and soul to prepare to take action toward your best life.  You do not have to do this work alone.  You are supported by so many.  As you do your work in the world, gather your village to join you.

$59 includes both gatherings


Be Wilder Testimonials

“I loved being guided by two of the wisest people I know and being invited to play while feeling infinitely safe and grounded. I learned what it feels like to be truly present and how to deepen my connection with nature and my own wisdom.              — Charlene Hoey

“I am using the grounding methods I learned from Carla and Wendy daily. These two women have helped me bring meditation from some lofty ideal to something I can bring to my level easily. Thank you, ladies!                 — Elizabeth Ledet

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